Thank you to 20i for being a Gold sponsor of WordPress Accessibility Day two years in a row!

About 20i

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  • Edge cache engine: Our WordPress platform sits behind an NGINX edge cache system: StackCache. Manage the cached content with the included plugin.
  • WP-CLI & more: Give advanced users tools like WP-CLI, SSH access, SFTP/FTP, PHP version control, phpMyAdmin, PHP configuration and scheduled scripts.
  • Optimized PHP: Customized PHP-FPM and OPcache to ensure that your website always gets the resources it needs. We support PHP 5.6 through to the latest versions of PHP 8 so you can test compatibility and upgrade safely. Plus, we don’t place any caps on PHP workers.
  • Green Hosting:  All our hosting is powered 100% by renewable energy.
  • 24x7x365 support:  Our support team are all WordPress Hosting experts and available 24x7x365. Our technical knowledge shows in our amazing reviews and perfect Trustpilot score!
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Why 20i Supports WordPress Accessibility Day

20i believes that by educating people about accessibility, we can ensure that people of all abilities have equal access to digital content. This is important because it removes barriers that could potentially exclude people from participating fully in society.

In addition to having an ethical imperative, 20i also sees parallels between accessibility and good design.

Accessible design often leads to a better user experience for everyone. It tends to be cleaner, more intuitive, and easier to navigate, benefitting all users.

Matt Telfer, Marketing Director, 20i

Resources from 20i

If you want to learn more about making your website accessible, 20i has a free Accessibility Checklist. Use this checklist as you build websites to ensure they can be used by everyone.

On their blog, 20i recently published a post with accessibility tips for designing websites.

Want to learn more about 20i and enter to win a free $100 hosting credit? Visit 20i’s sponsor page.