WordPress Accessibility Day 2023


Thank you to the fantastic volunteers who are helping to make this year’s WordPress Accessibility Day conference possible.

Bronze skinned woman with freckles and short cropped hair, cheerfully smiling on a bright sunny day.

Alicia St Rose

Owner, WP with Heart

Woman with blue glasses and short brown hair smiling directly at the camera wearing a lopsided rust-colored beanie and a zip-up bomber jacket.

Amanda Roper

Program Manager, T. Rowe Price

Antonella Iselli is a Latin-American woman in her 40's with brown hair.

Antonella Iselli

Senior UX Designer, ITX Corp

Ben is a late-30's slim white man with blond hair and deep smile lines, usually sporting several days-worth more of facial scruff than his wife would prefer, if she's being honest.

Ben Ogilvie

Head of Accessibility, ArcTouch

Billious is sitting in a living room and smiling for the camera.

Billious Boquila

Accessibility QA Analyst, AccessAbility Officer

Eric Amundson is a smiley white dude wearing a blue cap and glasses

Eric Amundson

Web Developer, IvyCat Web Services

Grace is a Korean woman in her 20's with long black hair and a big friendly smile.

Grace Bahn

UX Researcher, WP Engine

A woman with a sun-kissed complexion, sporting short, wavy hair, smiles for the camera in a vibrant long-sleeve top.

Hilda Cardenas

Accessibility Project Manager, Inclusive Web

Jacquelyn Lopez is a hispanic woman with a joyful smile and long curly hair.

Jacquelyn Lopez

AdminTech Specialist, Chosen Virtual Solutions

Jake Albion smiling black and white outlined in white with a purple background.

Jake Albion

Web Creator, Albion Digital Web Studio

Jason is a white man with short brown hair and a short beard. He is looking over the side of a ferry heading to shore with a smile on his face.

Jason Ferreira

Accessibility Lead, Dow Jones

Jessi Conoyer is a white woman in her 30's with long brown hair and blue eyes.

Jessi Conoyer

Website Development Manager, Cork Tree Creative

Jonathan Bossenger is a white man in his 40s with a shaved head. In this photo he's holding a microphone and speaking to a crowd

Jonathan Bossenger

Developer Educator, Automattic

Joost de Valk, white man in his early 40s with glasses, grey hair and a friendly smile.

Joost de Valk

Partner, Emilia Capital

Julia wearing a rose-printed corduroy blazer, yellow plastic earrings and necklace and red dress. She is standing in the corner in front of 2 windows, smiling and holding her very large black cat named Punkin. Julia is a tall white queer cis-gender woman with dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and hazel eyes

Julia Murray

Principal Product Designer, Label Insight / Lecturer, Texas State University, Label Insight, Texas State University

Black and white close up of Julie Johnson with half smile

Julie Johnson

Learning Experience Designer, Human Tech Connect

Laura Hopkins is a white woman in her 60's with shoulder-length light brown hair. She is standing outside and is wearing black framed glasses and a yellow jacket.

Laura Hopkins

Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator (EIRAC), The University of Texas at Arlington

Laura Hutton is a white woman in her 40’s with mid-length purple/pink hair with a friendly smile.

Laura Hutton

Subject specialist (accessibility, Jisc

image of Marta, a white cis woman giving a presentation wearing a black t-shirt with the word human in lgtbiq+ colours.

Marta Torre

Fullstack web developer, martatorredev

Michele Butcher-Jones standing in front of Tampa Bay wearing a white shirt.

Michele Butcher-Jones

Can't Speak Geek

Monika, a woman in her 30s of Indian descent, with fair skin, long brown hair, stands in front of a brick wall, wearing a sweet smile

Monika Prasad

UX/UI Designer

Piccia Neri is a white woman in her 50s, with long grey hair tied up at the back, wearing glasses and a smile in the sun.

Piccia Neri

Designer, speaker, educator and accessibility advocate, Piccia Neri/ Design for Conversions

Pratik is an Indian with brown skin tone in his 30s

Pratik Tamgadge

Accessibility/UX QA, Self-Employed


Ricardo Filipo

WordPress Expert, Codeable

Meet Ronak: a Sr. WordPress Engineer at Multidots, a tech enthusiast, and a WordPress community enthusiast. With a flair for WooCommerce, blogging, and security (CEH), Ronak crafts digital experiences that blend innovation and expertise. He co-organizes the WordPress Ahmedabad Meetup group, and is the co-organizer of WordCamp Ahmedabad. Beyond code, Ronak unwinds with travel, street food, bike rides, and quality time with friends, embodying a life where technology meets adventure. 🚀🌍🔐

Ronak Ganatra

Sr. WordPress Engineer, Multidots

Samyuktha is a South Indian woman in her 30’s with long black hair with friendly smile.

Samyuktha Chadaram

Accessibility Manager Technology, Publicis Sapient

Tanya Piña is a Mexican-American person wearing a smile and a burgundy shirt. They have short, curly brown hair and brown eyes.

Tanya Piña

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Tina Cook is a friendly female with a warm smile, short light brown hair, and wears glasses.

Tina Cook

Media Marketing Strategist and Web Designer, tina.media

Tobi a dark skin tall guy with full hair, seating with a beaming smile

Tobi Adeyemi

Web Developer