WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

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WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 Recap

WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 Thanks graphic with thank you written in many languages as watermarked decorative background.

Thank you for participating in WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 and being part of the community making the web more accessible to everyone. This year we were excited to have 2,158 registrants from 70 countries and were able to donate $2,500 to Knowbility, a nonprofit focused on website accessibility. Here are ways to stay connected, keep learning, and be a bigger […]

We’ve Rebranded!

Zoomed out screenshot showing designs for eight web pages with one page having both a light mode and dark mode design.

The story behind our new logo and website created by Ryan Bracey, the team at Second Melody, Joe Dolson, Nick Croft, and other organizers.

We just submitted the order for our first batch of WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 t-shirts for organizers and speakers! With shirts on the way, I’m excited to share this year’s design with you, which was created by organizer Ryan Bracey and the team at Second Melody, a branding studio specializing in identity development, website design, […]

You can help WordPress Accessibility Day

WordPress Accessibility Day 2023. Volunteer to help run the conference. September 27-28, 2023. Live streaming free with live captions and sign language. You can help.

The volunteer team has started to review applications, and we still have open volunteer positions for the day of the event, September 27th-28th. Here’s how you can help: Generally, volunteer duties take place over a 3-hour shift. We need people all around the world to volunteer so that we have coverage for the entire 24 […]

Is your company interested in helping to make WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 even more accessible? Every year, in addition to providing live captioning, we also have American Sign Language Interpretation during presentations and budget for post-event transcription to ensure all videos on the WP Accessibility Day YouTube channel have accurate captions. That’s where you come […]

Do you care about inclusivity and making websites everyone can use, especially people with disabilities?  Perfect! Those are the only qualifications you need to volunteer at WP Accessibility Day 2023!

Call for Sponsors

Call for Sponsors WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

We’re hard at work planning this year’s WordPress Accessibility Day, and we’re on the hunt for amazing sponsors that can help us make this event as great as it can be! In order to promote the event and ensure that it is accessible to people of all abilities, it’s critical we provide professional live captioning, […]

Thank you to everybody around the world who has submitted an application to speak at WordPress Accessibility Day 2023! We have over three times the number of applicants as we have spots, so – unfortunately – we already know we can’t accept all of you. So how does our process work now? WordPress Accessibility Day […]

Speaker submission deadline extended!

Apply to Speak WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Our 2023 call for speakers deadline has been extended to June 18th – you’ve got an extra week to polish your proposals and decide on your perfect talk! We’re eager to have topical, focused talks. Deep dives on one subject are a perfect fit for WordPress Accessibility Day! They can be targeted at any level: […]

Give ‘em Something to Talk About!

A group of people writing down ideas, brainstorming for a presentation

Have you submitted your talk for this year WP Accessibility Day 2023 yet? Well, what are you waiting for!? Our Call for Speakers is only open until June 11th extended until June 18th, so there’s just a little under two weeks left to get your submission in. If you want to present, but haven’t figured […]