Drake Cooper is a full-service, 100% employee-owned agency that “builds brands for the ambitious.” This year, we’re excited to welcome Drake Cooper as a silver sponsor of WordPress Accessibility Day 2023.

About Drake Cooper

Founded in 1978, Drake Cooper specializes in working with mid-market brands to bring their stories to life across an array of mediums, from creative storytelling to human-centered user experience design.

The Drake Cooper team is all-in on WordPress. They believe WordPress is often the most scalable, extensible, and cost-effective platform for mid-market brands. As such, their robust full-stack development team has honed their processes and tools around the concept of WordPress as the hub of an enterprise-level tech ecosystem.

Drake Cooper’s Services

In addition to full-service agency offerings like strategy and planning, brand building, media, and analytics, Drake Cooper offers full-stack, fully custom website design and development. The websites they build include:

  • UX planning, strategy, and testing
  • UI design, prototyping, and system development
  • Information architecture and content planning
  • Responsive, accessible, and reliable front ends
  • Object-oriented PHP development
  • Custom block development, and tailored editing experiences
  • Custom API integration and development
  • Robust environments built on Docker and Webpack
  • AWS infrastructure leveraging Elastic Beanstalk and CodePipeline.

Drake Cooper’s Approach to Accessibility

Drake Cooper believes that accessibility is not only a legal requirement but an issue of fairness and equity.

As a trusted partner, we have a responsibility to our clients and their brands to recognize, understand, and address accessibility issues in the work we deliver.

We think that being accessible does not have to mean sacrificing interesting design and creative messaging.

Katie Reid, Vice President of People & Finance

Drake Cooper is interested in exploring ways to design experiences that are accessible, equitable, and innovative, which has lead them to make accessibility part of their entire website creation process.

Accessibility Through the Entire Process

Drake Cooper employs a number of tools and processes to continually improve the accessibility of the websites they build and maintain, including their own. The designers and developers on their team are trained in accessibility best practices, and they collaborate with other teams in the agency to grow their understanding of accessibility issues company-wide.

The approach that works best for them and their clients is to prioritize accessibility through the entire process, along with things like effectiveness and engagement. They have an ongoing focus on accessibility instead of thinking of it as a “layer” to apply at the end. And their UX, UI, and development offerings consider accessibility as a core component.

By baking accessibility into all phases, it becomes a quality of the end product rather than a compromise.

Accessibility Helps You Be Found

Drake Cooper offers a service called Findability™, which is their way of working at the intersection of paid and organic search, UX effectiveness, and accessibility. With Findability™, they’re able to evaluate the degree to which a brand is findable in the marketplace—and to be findable, one must be accessible.

Want to learn more about how Drake Cooper can help you holistically enhance your brand’s online perception at a multitude of digital touchpoints, including accessibility? Visit their website today.