We’re excited to welcome GoDaddy back as a sponsor for WordPress Accessibility Day 2023. GoDaddy is a generous contributor to the WordPress and web accessibility communities.

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s mission is to empower a worldwide community of entrepreneurs by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online — including a simpler, safer WordPress experience.

GoDaddy provides a Managed WordPress experience that they strive to make as easy to use as it is effective. The latest version of WordPress on their platform comes pre-installed with exclusive themes, plugins, and tools to get you up and running quickly, with automated backups, updates, and malware removal. GoDaddy’s platform enables WordPress Pros to spend less time on monotonous maintenance and more time building their businesses.

In addition to their product offerings, GoDaddy works tirelessly to foster an active, nurturing community, with initiatives including the sponsorship of WordCamps globally, weekly GoDaddy Pro Meetups, their free GoDaddy Pro Academy courses, and GoDaddy Pro Discussions Group. GoDaddy is proud to be a partner of the WordPress community and looks forward to witnessing all the individual greatness their efforts help support.

GoDaddy Supports the WordPress Accessibility Community

GoDaddy is a promoter of equality and the idea that the web should be accessible to everyone at any time. With this in mind, GoDaddy supports people and events relevant to spreading accessibility knowledge, including WordPress Accessibility Day.

Our hope is that every Maker of the Web will be able to access to the relevant accessibility knowledge and tools to create inclusive websites.

Maja Loncar, GoDaddy Field Marketing Manager EMEA

In addition to supporting WordPress Accessibility Day, GoDaddy sponsors and promotes a number of web accessibility experts globally, including Joe Dolson’s contribution time on the WordPress core accessibility team. They’re proud to support ongoing accessibility community efforts and contribute to making the web more accessible to everyone.

Connect with GoDaddy

Want to learn more about managed hosting with GoDaddy and get access to a 30% or more hosting discount? Visit GoDaddy’s sponsor page. For a deeper dive into accessibility with GoDaddy, watch this accessibility panel discussion from a GoDaddy Pro EMEA meetup.