We’re excited to welcome The A11Y Collective back as a sponsor for WordPress Accessibility Day 2023. Learn more about The A11Y Collective’s approach to online accessibility training below, and visit their sponsor page for access to an exclusive discount on their online courses.

About The A11Y Collective

The A11Y Collective’s courses offer web accessibility education, supporting compliance with the European Accessibility Act (EAA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Course materials are presented in accessible formats, including captioned videos and comprehensive transcripts. Each module wraps up with a quiz, and a certificate is awarded upon course completion.

Catering to a broad audience, The A11Y Collective is the premier e-learning platform on web accessibility. Their target audience includes project managers, web designers, developers, copywriters, web managers, product owners, and (semi) government employees across various experience levels.

Why The A11Y Collective Supports WordPress Accessibility Day

When asked why The A11Y Collective sponsors WordPress Accessibility Day, Taeke Reijenga, founder of The A11y Collective said that sponsoring WordPress Accessibility Day was a no-brainer, as it was last year. While they can’t sponsor every event in the WordPress space, The A11Y Collective is happy to sponsor the ones that are close to their heart as an organization.

Our main purpose of sponsoring WordPress Accessibility Day and other, more regular, WordCamps is to raise awareness. After talking to hundreds of visitors at our booth at WordCamp Europe in Athens there is one thing we learned and that is that the majority would love to create more accessible projects but they simply have no clue where to start. We know it is awareness first and education second. Without awareness or education we will not see the change we are all wishing for.

Taeke Reijenga

The A11Y Collective Practices Accessibility

The A11Y Collective doesn’t just teach accessibility, they also practice it in their own digital presence. The A11Y Collective’s online eCourses are delivered on an educational platform that is fully accessible. Even with their knowledge, that was not an easy task. They often see that the tools (or plugins) used can cause (accessibility) headaches, but they put effort into making their website and the plugins on it accessible.

Screenshot of the Accessible Design Course showing a video, transcript, and a course outline including guidelines for accessible design, inclusive design principles, how do people read, typography, and more.

The A11Y Collective website is built with WordPress, WooCommerce, and the LearnDash LMS. You can check out one of their free courses, the Try-out Class or Web Accessibility: the Business Case to see how their courses work and how they have modified WooCommerce and LearnDash to create an accessible e-learning platform.

Take The A11Y Collective Courses Today!

The A11Y Collective offers courses on web accessibility for different levels.

For anyone new to the subject, they suggest starting with “Web Accessibility, the basics.” For people who already have a basic understanding of web accessibility, there are more in-depth courses on topics like accessible content, accessible code, and accessible design. They recently launched a new, more advanced course called “Advanced Accessible Components,” which is really fun.

Visit The A11y Collective website for a full list of available courses and don’t forget to register for WordPress Accessibility Day so you can get a 35% discount on The A11y Collective courses in our attendee swag bag.