NerdPress is committed to making thier own website and online presence as accessible as possible, and helping others do the same. 🤓

We applaud them for the steps they’ve taken to ensure their website is user-friendly for all visitors. These steps started by implementing a comprehensive audit using various accessibility tools to identify and rectify any potential barriers. Then, they ensured their website was fully navigable using keyboard-only inputs, provided alternative text for images for those using screen readers, and made sure that their color contrast met WCAG standards for those with visual impairments.

About NerdPress

NerdPress is WordPress support that feels like family.

Their goal is to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and securely at all times. This includes, among other things: taking daily backups, hardening your site’s security to prevent hacks, and monitoring.

All of their plans also place a strong emphasis on improving site speed, including ensuring your Core Web Vitals scores are good, so you can rest easy knowing that your site will continue to perform at its absolute best. And if something goes wrong, they’ll address the problem, usually before you know anything glitched.

Why NerdPress Supports WordPress Accessibility Day

NerdPress, strives to create a sustainable culture of inclusion and respect, where everyone is valued, has a sense of belonging, finds fulfillment, and thrives. This is also why they are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for everyone.

NerdPress chose to sponsor WordPress Accessibility Day because they understand the critical role WordPress plays in the digital world. As a platform that powers over 40% of the web, it’s essential that websites be built with accessibility in mind. They feel that WPAD is a wonderful way to help WordPress designers, developers, and content creators further improve the accessibility of the sites they work on.

NerdPress is proud to support an event that aligns so closely with their values and mission.

NerdPress Wants to Help You Make Your Site More Accessible Too!

For others hoping to improve their website’s accessibility, NerdPress’s biggest tip is to make accessibility a priority from the start.

It’s much easier to build a website with accessibility in mind than to retrofit accessibility features later.

Andrew Wilder, NerdPress

There are also many great tools and resources available, such as the WordPress Accessibility Handbook and various plugins that can help guide you in making your website more accessible. Remember, accessibility is not a one-time task but an ongoing commitment.

NerdPress Builds Tools You Can Use

NerdPress’s free WordPress plugin, Alt Text Tools, is designed to streamline the process of enhancing image accessibility on your website.

The plugin generates a CSV file listing all images used in your content, along with their corresponding alt attributes. Simply navigate to Tools > Alt Text Tools on your WordPress dashboard, click the button, and the plugin will scan your site and start your download. The CSV file allows you to easily identify and improve images that are missing alt text (or have inappropriate or inaccurate alt text), with direct links to edit the posts where the images appear.