WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Allie Nimmons is a black woman in her 30s with an orange sweater, glasses, recording headset, and big friendly smile.

Allie Nimmons (she/her)


Beedia Productions

United States

About Allie Nimmons

In 2014, after dropping out of theater school, Allie started teaching herself to code. She got her first internship in 2015, where she was introduced to WordPress. She spoke at her first WordCamp – WordCamp Miami – in 2017. Between 2016 to 2019, she built websites and provided WordPress support independently under the name Pixel Glow Web Design. She has spent time providing plugin support at GiveWP, being a speaker ambassador for GoDaddy Pro, leading the Community team at WP Buffs, and producing digital content for MasterWP.

She currently owns Beedia Productions LLC where she provides editing, voice-over, and production services to companies like Kinsta and WP 101. She is the instructor of the WordPress Essentials course on LinkedIn Learning. Through Beedia, Allie uses her knowledge of WordPress to teach others how to use it.