WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Ben is a late-30's slim white man with blond hair and deep smile lines, usually sporting several days-worth more of facial scruff than his wife would prefer, if she's being honest.

Ben Ogilvie (he/him)

Head of Accessibility


United States

About Ben Ogilvie

At ArcTouch, I help our teams create accessible and lovable experiences for phones, tablets, and smart things that connect deeply with customers. I am driven by a mission to make digital products more accessible and inclusive for everyone. I work with our world-class clients, ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to well-known brands and influential startups, to ensure their products are continually progressing towards the highest standards of both accessibility and usability to meet the evolving needs of all users.

I bring my 20+ years of broad technology industry experience to my work, ranging from InfoSec startups, to global service operations, to front-line desktop and mobile hardware and software user support, to agile web and native application product management.

I am passionate about disability inclusion advocacy, sustainable accessibility coaching, and helping clients elevate their impact through reaching historically excluded customers.