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Hans Skillrud is a white man in his late thirties who has a big smile but not a lot of hair on the top of his head (He likes to think he's not 'losing hair', rather he's 'growing face'). Hans has blue eyes and is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and is sitting indoors in front of a brick background.

Hans Skillrud (He/Him)

Cofounder and Vice President

Termageddon LLC

United States

About Hans Skillrud

Hans ran a 12 person web design agency for about a decade prior to selling that business and running Termageddon full time with his wife, Donata. At Termageddon, Hans oversees partnerships and business development opportunities and spends his time providing education to website owners about the importance of website policies. Outside of Termageddon, Hans spends his free time metal detecting, working with arduinos, working on his garden and doing fun activities outdoors.