WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Gaby, cheerfully smiling at the camera, with a living wall of plants serving as the background.

Maria Gabriela (Gaby) Gandica (she/her)

UX Manager



About Maria Gabriela (Gaby) Gandica

As a compassionate and dedicated UX Designer and Manager with over 13 years of experience in the tech world, Gaby has spent the last 7 years honing her skills in UX design, accessibility, and team management. Gaby is passionate about creating user-centric experiences that are accessible to all, striving for excellence in making the digital world a more inclusive place for people with and without disabilities.

Gaby thrives in collaborative environments, where her effective communication and interpersonal skills enable her to work seamlessly with team members, stakeholders, and customers. With a proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams, she excels at managing stakeholder expectations, identifying and mitigating project risks, and fostering a sense of collaboration among teammates.

Driven by creativity and innovation, she is committed to achieving excellence in everything she does while prioritizing user needs and championing accessibility. She looks forward to connecting with like-minded professionals and exploring new opportunities to make a lasting, positive impact in the field of UX design and accessibility.