WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Picture of a gentlemen wearing a blazer and sunglasses.

Mark Cadigan (He/him)



United States

About Mark Cadigan

Mark was born blind, however he has never let this be a barrier to achieving his goals. Mark has always had a passion for sales, and after graduating from Suffolk University with a degree in business, he was determined to pursue a career in this field. He had a natural talent for communication and a strong work ethic, which he believed would make him a successful sales professional. Mark’s dream became a reality when he landed his first professional job as a sales Coordinator for a local company, Access Information Protected.

After working for Access, Mark worked as a sales professional for several other companies, but despite his success, Mark noticed that many blind people still faced significant barriers in accessing information and technology. He saw that Braille, the tactile writing system used by blind people, along with audio description for videe or multimedia content was often unavailable or cost-prohibitive. This inspired Mark along with his fiancé Tanja to launch their own company, GetBraille.com, in 2022.

Mark is a passionate advocate for blind people’s rights and inclusion. He believes that people with disabilities, including visual impairments, should have the same opportunities and access to resources and online content as everyone else. Mark understands that there are significant challenges facing the blind community, including discrimination, limited accessibility, and a lack of awareness about their needs. Mark and Tanja are striving to eliminate these barriers and make the world more accessible to others in his situation.