WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Monika, a woman in her 30s of Indian descent, with fair skin, long brown hair, stands in front of a brick wall, wearing a sweet smile

Monika Prasad

UX/UI Designer


About Monika Prasad

Hi there! I’m passionate about digital accessibility, and it’s given me a unique perspective in designing websites and other digital media. With a focus on inclusivity and user-centered design, I deliver innovative, accessible solutions that go above and beyond industry standards.

My role involves guiding the creative direction and visual identity of companies, producing captivating marketing materials, and defining the creative vision for their brand. With my extensive experience in accessibility, I’ve designed and delivered courses that help businesses comply with WCAG and equality laws, making digital content accessible to everyone.

I took a break to volunteer for an international non-profit that fosters equal partnerships between people with and without disabilities. During my time there, I conducted human echolocation workshops for visually impaired individuals in the Maldives, empowering them with new skills and independence.

Beyond accessibility, I’m also skilled in CAD modeling software such as Autodesk Inventor, enabling me to conduct competitor analysis and reverse engineer products. By developing custom macros, I’ve implemented productivity improvements to save up to 65 hours per month. I’ve also contributed to new product development through cost and supply analysis.

Lastly, my technical and creative skills have come together as I’ve worked with Production Support Teams to ensure seamless operations. My passion for digital accessibility has driven me to create solutions that empower users and deliver measurable results.