About Pressable

Founded in 2010, Pressable is a world-class managed WordPress hosting provider that specializes in scalable, highly available services for agencies, builders, developers, and businesses.

With industry-leading performance, 24/7 expert support, an award-winning control panel, advanced developer tools, and seamless integrations with WooCommerce and Jetpack, Pressable provides the tools you need to manage your WordPress websites with ease and reliably.

Why Pressable Supports WordPress Accessibility Day

WordPress was designed for everyone with a mission to democratize publishing. Pressable believes that everyone means everyone, and the community needs to ensure we all make it easy for anyone to use WordPress.

Democratizing publishing isn’t possible without accessibility, and accessibility education is central to this.

Accessibility education helps everyone, because great websites by definition need to provide great experiences for visitors. Once you’ve learned how you can improve your site by making it more accessible, you can implement these changes to realize better performance, search ranking, engagement, and sales overall.

Jessica Frick

Pressable Extends Accessibility to Their Hosting Platform

Just as Pressable wants everyone to be able to use WordPress, they also want everyone to be able to use their hosting platform.

Pressable has worked with internal WordPress experts on a full accessibility audit and spent several months making changes to their own website to ensure it was as user-friendly as possible.

They invested months into accessibility not because it was difficult but because it made Pressable realize other ways they could augment their site experience to serve everyone better, whether they visited the site on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Beyond their website, Pressable also had experts test their customer control panel and offer suggestions to improve accessibility there as well. They’re continually looking to improve accessibility on all their digital platforms.

Special Offers for WordPress Accessibility Day Attendees

Pressable is generously offering all WordPress Accessibility Day attendees a coupon code to get 50% off their first month of Pressable hosting. It will be valid for one month after the event.

In addition, they’ll be giving away one year for free hosting on Pressable’s personal plan! Visit Pressable’s sponsor page to enter to win and get your coupon code for discounted hosting.