WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Plot a course!: Creating Accessible SVG Charts in WordPress

September 28, 2023 at 02:00 UTC

Graphs and charts visualize complex data, making patterns inside datasets easier to understand. An important part of creating data visualizations is ensuring that they are accessible and responsive, so that they may be understood by as many people, using as many kinds of devices as possible.

This developer-focused presentation will demonstrate how to create a custom data visualization block in two parts. The first part of the talk will include a brief discussion on how to import spreadsheet data for use inside a custom block. The second part will focus on best practices used by the block to interpret the data and render an accessible and responsive chart using SVG.

Session Video


Joni Halabi is a white woman in her 40s with curly dark hair and glasses. She is sitting facing away from a desk with an open laptop whose screen is displaying SCSS code in Visual Studio.
Senior Web Developer, Georgetown University