WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Drake Cooper

Silver Level Sponsor

About Drake Cooper

Drake Cooper is a full-service, 100% employee-owned agency that builds brands for the ambitious. Founded in 1978, we specialize in working with mid-market brands to bring their stories to life across an array of mediums, through creative storytelling and human-centered user experience design.

WordPress is at Our Core

We’re all-in on WordPress, and believe it’s often the most scalable, extensible, and cost-effective platform for mid-market brands. We have a robust full-stack development team in-house and have honed our processes and tools around the concept of WordPress at the hub of an enterprise-level tech ecosystem.

Suite of Services

In addition to full-service agency offerings like strategy and planning, brand building, media, and analytics, we offer full-stack, fully-custom website design and development:

  • UX planning, strategy, and testing
  • UI design, prototyping, and system development
  • Information architecture and content planning
  • Responsive, accessible, and reliable front ends
  • Object-oriented PHP development
  • Custom block development, and tailored editing experiences
  • Custom API integration and development
  • Robust environments built on Docker and Webpack

AWS infrastructure leveraging Elastic Beanstalk and CodePipeline