Overnight Website builds websites not only in record time, but with accessibility as a primary consideration. All of their websites are designed and developed with an accessibility-first mindset. They also provide accessibility audits with feedback and steps you can take to start moving in the right direction.

About Overnight Website by Kinetic Iris

Overnight Website brings awesome websites to people through efficiency, passion, and an unconventional sleep schedule.

Overnight Website was created by Kinetic Iris, a custom website development studio specializing in existing websites. As a studio, they take on new or existing complex sites to bring them up to date and keep them running strong.

In an effort to bring the same high level of expertise and attention to smaller websites, they created Overnight Website.

Why Overnight Website by Kinetic Iris Supports WordPress Accessibility Day

Accessibility is fundamental to creating websites. It should be a consideration at every point in a company’s process, from branding to websites to social media posts and more. But it can also be intimidating, especially when there are already so many things to consider for each of those things. It can be tempting to wait for people to tell you when something is wrong and you can try to fix it then. But that leaves an entire population of people left out, including the people who just scroll by or click away instead of reporting the issues they’re having.

It’s important for them as a company to spread the message that it doesn’t have to be intimidating and that it’s better for everyone if accessibility is part of the conversation from the start.

Supporting an organization and community that seeks to spread that message and provides information and training for all types of audiences was a no-brainer.

Danielle Zarcaro

Overnight Website shares a time when…

When Overnight Website decided to add small animated images to their site, they knew they had to provide the option to pause those animations at the very least, so they set out to strategize and implement the controls people need in order to be able use their site comfortably.

How Overnight Website tackles website accessibility

Accessibility is something Overnight Website does in phases. Quick wins first, and then recheck new content on a regular basis. From there, they will have a list of bigger items that can be tackled over time. They say it’s also important to prioritize anything brought to their attention by their site visitors. It’s all about keeping the users in mind. Subtitles, transcripts, and alt text are all part of the content strategy.

Learn more about Overnight Website’s accessibility philosophy here.